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E-Scooter Cleaning Guide from Electric Kick Scooter Manufacturer

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Electric kick scooters differ from traditional, manually operated types in subtle ways. They have an electric system so that you must clean it differently and carefully to avoid damage. You should bear in mind that do not scrub your electric kick scooter with a lot of water. To keep the paints and colors intact, your cleaning method should be gentle and warm. Here's a guide from Youmota - a Professional Electric Kick Scooter Manufacturer - to assist you in cleaning your electric kick scooter.

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OK, then, let's get back to the point!

How to Clean an Electric Scooter?

Before you start the cleaning work, you need to get some tools

  • · 3 - 4 pieces microfiber cloth

  • · Soft-bristle brushes

  • · Less abrasive detergents and cleaning solution

  • · Gel wheel cleaner

What's more, here are the pre-cleaning necessities to consider before cleaning your electric scooter:

  • Examine the Manual from your e scooter manufacturer

Many people would disregard their owners' manuals and proceed with the cleaning. Of course, if this isn't your first time cleaning your scooter, that's fine. Reading the original manual from your electric scooter supplier manufacturer will better equip you to clean your electric scooter in a safe and efficient manner. Remember that scooter brands differ; some require more guided and careful cleaning methods. The last thing you want is to damage the electrical components and render your e-scooter inoperable.

  • Turn off your scooter and allow the battery and motor to cool.

Before cleaning, make sure your electric scooter is turned off and that no parts are running. That is ideal for your safety and should always be an obvious choice. It is much safer to remove the battery or allow the motor to cool down. If removing the battery seems like too much work, you can clean your e-scooter.

  • Understand the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of Your Electric Scooter

You may also be interested in your scooter's waterproofing capacity and the materials used. This helps you decide on the best detergent and amount of water to use when cleaning your electric scooter. The IP rating of an enclosure, such as the paints and color coating on your electric scooter, classifies the extent of its protection.

Once you have these tools in hands and understand the pre-cleaning necessities, just follow the cleaning steps below, making your electric scooter clean is not so difficult.

Cleaning Your Electric Scooter: Step by Step Guide

  • Clean the Body and the Handgrips

Use a new cloth to clean up the scooter's body, including the stem, while ensuring you reach the folding down to the fork. Then, clean the handgrip using a soft bristle brush. You can wet it a bit, so it doesn't feel incredibly abrasive or scratch the surface. However, please use a damp cloth to avoid wetting the LCD and electrical components in areas with electronic parts.

  • Use a Soft Bristle Brush to tidy up the Deck Carefully

The deck also needs some love, and cleaning it gives it the glitter. So, grab another clean microfiber cloth, dampen it with a bit of detergent, and clean. You may also use a soft-bristle brush if the dirt is in excess, but be sure not to use too much effort or apply force to prevent nicking off paint.

  • Wipe the Front and Back Rims

Even if you hardly ride your scooter on dusty paths, the wheel rims usually get grimed So it's ideal you dust them up using a bit of detergent. Just be sure to reach the narrow fissures and opening, and if possible, please get a toothpick to reach inside for dirt and grime.

  • Clean the Front and Rear Tires

Prior to cleaning,  dislodge any excess dirt on the tire surface. A soft-bristle brush can be of help to remove the dirt that easily comes off. To get rid of the stuck mud, you have to use detergent and a microfiber cloth. Dampen your microfiber cloth with gel wheel cleaner and wipe both wheels for an extra shine. Sometimes you may need a toothbrush to remove the mud stuck in the tire groove.

  • Clean the Bottom of Your Scooter

Your electric scooter's bottom may not be conspicuous, but cleaning it won't bite. Besides, it's more prone to getting dirty than other parts, so why shouldn't you do a few cleaning touches? You may clean it the same way you clean the top of your deck in step 4, and please don't hose it down no matter how tempting that is.

  • Apply Some WD40 to Prevent Rust

Your electric scooter's wheel rims can get rusty, and dirt escalates that. Hence, applying some WD40 lubricants and ensuring they reach every hidden part will do some justice. Most WD40 lubricants come in spray cans, so it's pretty easy penetrating narrow spaces.

Hope this electric kick scooter cleaning make your cleaning work easier.

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As an expert in the electric kick scooter manufacturing field, Youmota is pleased to answer your questions about e-scooter. Feel free to contact us! Our expert will reply to your message within 24 hours.


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