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    The Price Range of Electric Surfboards in the Market

    Electric surfboard price is not fixed and varies depending on the specs, brand and geo-setting, power, materials, etc. Most electric surfboards retail from US$3,000 and stretch to as much as US$ 6,000. However, more proficient electric surfboards, including the Onean Carver and Aquila, can be pretty costly, with their prices starting from US$5,990 and reaching close to US$10,000.

    Length Range of Electric Surfboard

    Electric surfboards measure 6 to 9 inches long and are much heavier for their size. However, were it not for the added functionality and somewhat complicated structure, it'd be an uphill task telling electric surfboards and the standard funboards or longboards apart.

    Weight Range of Electric Surfboard

    Unlike standard surfboards, the electric and motorized versions can be heavier due to the added functionality. But essentially, the battery components make them pretty heavy since the few types that don't have rechargeable batteries are lightweight. Electric surfboards with batteries weigh between 25 and 36 pounds, while those with one, such as the Lampunga Air, can weigh up to 120 pounds.

    Electric Motor Power Range of Electric Surfboard

    Electric surfboards have a power range of 5 to 15k with a maximum horsepower of about 15. However, most of these surfboards, including the Torque Ripsnorter E-Tec and Lampunga Air, stay shy of the maximum power range, which is pretty much a
    reasonable valuation.

    Shell Materials of Electric Surfboard
    A vast majority of electric surfboards use the lightweight carbon fiber shell to ease up the mass. However, polyester and epoxy are still sought-after since they're marginally lightweight and resist wear, tear and corrosion.

    Battery Cruising Time Range of Electric Surfboard?

    Electric surfboard batteries can last up to an hour of consistent cruising, but that boils down to how much surfing you do. Regardless, it still depends on your electric board's battery capacity. Li-ion batteries can store sufficient power and last between 20 and 40 minutes. Nevertheless, some hydrofoils' cruising time can last up to 2 hours.

    The Rider's Weight Range on Electric Surfboards?

    A few electric surfboards can handle weights reaching about 220 pounds while most surfboards allow the optimal range between 150 to 190 pounds.

    Types of electric surfboards?

    Only two types of electric surfboards exist in the market, including the minimalist jet ski types and hydrofoils. Hydrofoils have mounted propellers on a blade and can lift the surfer vertically using a failing structure. On the other hand, the conventional jetski types have motors attached to the board and feature a trigger mechanism to help control the speeds. Both operate in waves and mild waters, but the latter is usually the best for these surfboards.

    How does an electric surfboard work?

    For expert surfboarders, using the electric version is quite a breeze. The only subtle difference is that they don't need swells and breaking waves to propel them. Instead, they use a motor system with rechargeable battery powers and a dual jet propulsion system for effortless surfing. That is why they are called jet powered surfboards by some people. Once a user mounts on the board, they can control the turns and bends and vary the speeds using the remote trigger on their hands.

    Electric surfboards are fun to cruise the water and don't need wave power to set in motion. Instead, they use a motorized jet propulsion system to jerk them ahead, leaving less to worry about when the wind and waters are still. These fun-laden water machines will take over the aqua recreational world by storm shortly, judging from the current trends of electric surfboard use.

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