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How to maintain an electric kick scooter?

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Maintaining your electric kick scooter is quite important for keeping it in good condition and extending its lifespan. The good news is that they are simple in structure and outlook which saves you some trouble in maintenance. In this article, you'll get to know the correct way do the maintenance, which increases the likelihood of your electro-kick scooter serving you as long as it can.

What to do for electric kick scooter maintenance?

  • Caring for the Battery

  • Regularly Inspecting the Tires

  • Regularly Inspecting the Brake

  • Lubricating Moving Parts

  • Listen to Your Electric Scooter

  • Cleaning Your Scooter Altogether

Youmota-a reliable electric kick scooter manufacturer-will explain these points one by one for you.

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1. Caring for the Battery

Battery is the most important component of your electric kick scooter as it is the most expensive part of your scooter and provides the diver for your ride. Make sure never to discharge or charge it fully and keep the charge capacity in suitable ranges. (Check the your range in your manual.) Remember always unplug your charger when it hits complete charge, which is helpful if you want to prolong the battery life. What's more, don't leave it in an extremely hot or cold environment. When the battery gets overheated, it might burst. When it gets freezing, don't charge it until you warm it to room temperature.

2. Regularly Inspecting the Tires

For your worry-free riding journey,  you must make sure that the tires have more gripping treads. Some tires wear off due to daily use. If the tires are worn too much or have deep scratches on the surface, you'd better replace them. Sometimes it's not easy to find a new tire that exactly fits your e-scooter, hence, you'd better buy from a supplier who is able to provide repair service in your area or has a comparatively long warranty time. Youmota has a repair center in the USA where all spare parts are available. If you are in the USA the delivery is not a problem.

3. Regularly Inspecting the Brake

Brake is essential for your safety as it could stop you when there's a possibility of collision which might lead to injury or death. Remember regularly test your brake in a safer place. If you find it ineffective, get it repaired as soon as possible. That wouldn't only keep you safe but also protect other road users.

4. Lubricating Moving Parts

While your e-scooter will not have many moving parts, the few that do exist require careful inspection. The areas around the scooters' forks and rims are subjected to intense rubbing, resulting in wear and tear. And, if so, lubricating them is usually beneficial. Lubricants containing WD40 are ideal, but those containing PTFE are traditionally the best. They not only reduce friction and ease movement, but they also insulate the metallic rims from air and moisture, preventing rust. Furthermore, proper lubrication is required for the folding mechanism to avoid friction and potential damage.

5. Listen to Your Electric Scooter

Listening to how your e-scooter responds is one of the best ways to determine faults and diagnose defects. As a result, please keep an ear out for unusual sounds or decreased efficiency while riding it. Allow them to serve as warning signs that your scooter is in good working order or that a few flaws require your attention to prevent further damage.

6. Cleaning Your Scooter Altogether

If you clean your E-scooter on a regular basis, it will last longer. Cleaned-up scooters are typically dirt-free, with no rust or clogged rim hinges to increase friction. Please invest in appropriate detergents and cleaning supplies, and proceed with caution when cleaning. Also, Suitable detergents exert less damage to the paint.

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