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We have 7 years of experience in manufacturing e-surfboards, electric scooters and e-bikes have passed various international certifications such as European CE, American UL, CSA, SGS, TUV, 3C, etc., and have more than 200 copyrights, trademarks, and inventions at home and abroad. It is the designated cooperative manufacturer of many world-renowned companies such as Lamborghini, DUCATI, Sharp, French Auchan, JETSON and so on.

Custom Electric Surfboard

We have 7 years of experience in manufacturing e-surfboards, electric scooters and e-bikes have passed various international certifications such as European CE, American UL, CSA, SGS, TUV, 3C, etc., and have more than 200 copyrights, trademarks, and inventions at home and abroad. It is the designated cooperative manufacturer of many world-renowned companies such as Lamborghini, DUCATI, Sharp, French Auchan, JETSON and so on.

We Give Careful Attention To Details

High Power Motor

BMS Module
◆ Continuous control by internal software and micro processor.
◆ Battery Monitoring System(BMS) monitors separate cell.
◆ Better power, longer running time and better performances.
Intelligent Power
◆ 12-16kw brushless motor.
◆ High efficiency and reliability with lower consumption and noise.
◆ Simultaneous power with super long lifetime.
Pump Module
◆ Aviation aluminum alloy pump for better intensity, stability and light weight.
◆ New treatment for outer surface against erosion of ocean water.

High Power Battery

Lithium Battery
◆ International brand electric cell, safe and efficient.
◆ Battery placed adjacent to the outer shell, easy to detach and maintain.
◆ Continuous control by internal software and micro processor.
◆ Battery Monitoring System(BMS) monitors separate cell.
◆ Better power, longer running time and better performances.
◆ Multi-point contact, flexible deformation, conductivity, less space.
◆ Service life over 20,000 times.

Part Quality Engineer & Analysis

How We Deliver High Quality Electric Surfboards

Production Equipment

We have professional production equipment, from carefully selecting raw materials to designing the manufacture of each component, creating excellent products.


The factory is specially equipped with an assembly production line, and each assembly link is equipped with one worker, which not only improves efficiency, but also avoids mistakes.

Quality Control

In order to provide customers with the best quality products and services, in addition to checking production, we will also do the most complete testing, mileage testing, aging testing, battery safety testing, etc.

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What to Consider Before You Reach Suppliers to Replenish Your E-surfboard Stock?

Getting a quality electric scooter that is apt for you might put you through the hassle with the debut of these charming devices everywhere. However, replenishing your stock with a contemporary scooter will not be a problem if you read this guide.


The distance covered by your scooter with every charge is necessary to avoid inconveniences as you enjoy a ride. Most high-quality scooters have a range per charge of more than 25km to give you an excellent patrol of any area.

Most of your customers will likely go for high-range electric scooters that will give them a long riding distance.

2.Battery life

Before you agree with the supplier to add more scooters, consider the battery life of those scooters you've chosen. Most quality-oriented manufacturers consider equipping their electric scooters with Lithium-ion batteries, which have an extended life of more than 5 years.

3.Charge time

The electric scooter to add to your stock should charge for a short period to give you an adequate time to tour around. As with the smartphone or other electronics, you'll have to give it time to charge appropriately.

The best electric scooters have a charge time of not more than 7 hours; thus, you can charge them overnight for convenience as you begin your morning ride. Scooters like E-scooter S9 have the shortest charging time of fewer than 5 hours, thus very effective for long rides.

4.The motor rating

The performance of any electric scooter depends on the motor power rating, which ultimately influences the power output of other electronic accessories. It would be best if you considered stocking quality scooters with a high motor rating of more than 250 watts to give you top-notch performance.


It's essential to know the price of what you want to buy first before making a move. This would be the prime factor that will dictate the rest when replenishing your stock. However, the price will depend on the quality and speed of your choice.

The monster scooters with high speed will cost around Rs 1,00,000, while the average speed e- scooters will go for Rs 50000. It's necessary to restock your retail shop with a high-speed and quality electric scooter, regardless of the price, as you might buy a bogus product at a lower price.

6.Tax benefit

The final price of most electric scooters will depend on the levies charged by the government on these products. The final price of these devices includes the tax fee, which is charged differently.

Nonetheless, it's necessary to consider any possible benefits the government provides to retailers and manufacturers to help you prepare adequately.

7.After-sale services

Many manufacturers offer post-sale services that can benefit your business, like insurance or battery warranty. It's necessary to locate a supplier that offers at least one of the after-sale services. Our products have a one-year warranty with free after-sale services within the same period.


Some of the electric scooters have been hazardous to the riders due to the failure in the controller system and software glitches. Consider a manufacturer whose products have passed several tests with recognized certification units.

The E-scooter S15 and others like S9 have passed several certifications, including American UL, CSA, European CE, and other recognized international certification bodies.

9.Quality control

The standards of any manufacturer should be your top factor before sealing a deal to restock your electric scooter store. You can research a company's policy on the performance of quality control or the number of tests done before the product's debut on the market.


10 Essential Things You Should Know about Electric Surfboad


What is an Electric Surfboard?

Electric surfboards are similar to the rest, only that they use electric power for motion instead of the wind and waves. These surfboards have morphed from the lackluster motorized types and have drastically improved, offering better functionality and more fun. Numerous surfboard manufacturers have shown a longing for offering more sophisticated electric surfboards with high-end features and structures.

Electric surfboards have a subtly unique structure but are generally similar to standard surfboards. They're precisely engineered, tagging along within impeller, motor system, trigger mechanism and a power battery, and are effortless to use compared to the conventional non-motored surfboards. However, these surfboards have varied structures save for the basic blueprint. A more extreme electric jetboard version is the efoil boards with a mounted propeller, winging to create a lift.

Some Ranges of Electric Surfboards

Like any product in the market, electric surfboard shave variable functional and operational dimensions. They also have precise price ranges depending on brand, types and settings, so they aren't a one-fits-all product. Here are the essential electric surfboard ranges you should know of.

The Speed Range of Electric Surfboards in the Market

Electric surfboards offer exciting surfing speeds reaching virtually 40 miles per hour. However, this top speed isn't cross-cutting for most electric surfboards. Some, including the Awake Ravik S 22, offer a maximum speed of about 36 miles per hour, Onean Carver electric surfboard reaches nearly 44 miles per hour, and even Youmota, an e surfboard China manufacturer provides a custom speed range of 35-55km/h.

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    The Price Range of Electric Surfboards in the Market

    Electric surfboard price is not fixed and varies depending on the specs, brand and geo-setting, power, materials, etc. Most electric surfboards retail from US$3,000 and stretch to as much as US$ 6,000. However, more proficient electric surfboards, including the Onean Carver and Aquila, can be pretty costly, with their prices starting from US$5,990 and reaching close to US$10,000.

    Length Range of Electric Surfboard

    Electric surfboards measure 6 to 9 inches long and are much heavier for their size. However, were it not for the added functionality and somewhat complicated structure, it'd be an uphill task telling electric surfboards and the standard funboards or longboards apart.

    Weight Range of Electric Surfboard

    Unlike standard surfboards, the electric and motorized versions can be heavier due to the added functionality. But essentially, the battery components make them pretty heavy since the few types that don't have rechargeable batteries are lightweight. Electric surfboards with batteries weigh between 25 and 36 pounds, while those with one, such as the Lampunga Air, can weigh up to 120 pounds.

    Electric Motor Power Range of Electric Surfboard

    Electric surfboards have a power range of 5 to 15k with a maximum horsepower of about 15. However, most of these surfboards, including the Torque Ripsnorter E-Tec and Lampunga Air, stay shy of the maximum power range, which is pretty much a
    reasonable valuation.

    Shell Materials of Electric Surfboard
    A vast majority of electric surfboards use the lightweight carbon fiber shell to ease up the mass. However, polyester and epoxy are still sought-after since they're marginally lightweight and resist wear, tear and corrosion.

    Battery Cruising Time Range of Electric Surfboard?

    Electric surfboard batteries can last up to an hour of consistent cruising, but that boils down to how much surfing you do. Regardless, it still depends on your electric board's battery capacity. Li-ion batteries can store sufficient power and last between 20 and 40 minutes. Nevertheless, some hydrofoils' cruising time can last up to 2 hours.

    The Rider's Weight Range on Electric Surfboards?

    A few electric surfboards can handle weights reaching about 220 pounds while most surfboards allow the optimal range between 150 to 190 pounds.

    Types of electric surfboards?

    Only two types of electric surfboards exist in the market, including the minimalist jet ski types and hydrofoils. Hydrofoils have mounted propellers on a blade and can lift the surfer vertically using a failing structure. On the other hand, the conventional jetski types have motors attached to the board and feature a trigger mechanism to help control the speeds. Both operate in waves and mild waters, but the latter is usually the best for these surfboards.

    How does an electric surfboard work?

    For expert surfboarders, using the electric version is quite a breeze. The only subtle difference is that they don't need swells and breaking waves to propel them. Instead, they use a motor system with rechargeable battery powers and a dual jet propulsion system for effortless surfing. That is why they are called jet powered surfboards by some people. Once a user mounts on the board, they can control the turns and bends and vary the speeds using the remote trigger on their hands.

    Electric surfboards are fun to cruise the water and don't need wave power to set in motion. Instead, they use a motorized jet propulsion system to jerk them ahead, leaving less to worry about when the wind and waters are still. These fun-laden water machines will take over the aqua recreational world by storm shortly, judging from the current trends of electric surfboard use.

    Want to know the electric surfboard cost? Contact us! As a professional e-surfboard manufacturer in China, Youmota is willing to support your business and brand with our expertise and best service!


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