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How To Clean, Store And Maintain An Electric Scooter

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Owning an electric scooter is fun; it gives you one-of-a-kind finesse in the streets and ameliorates your movements. But it tags along with a responsibility to keep it clean, properly store, and adequately maintain it. If you're finding it incredibly challenging or don't know where to start, this article will provide insight into keeping your electric scooter in good condition.

How to Clean an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters have subtler variations from conventional, manually operated types. Since they include an electric system, you must approach its cleaning differently and carefully to avoid damage. So, first off, no lots of water and violent scrubbing. Your approach to cleaning it also needs to be gentle and warm to keep the paints and colors intact. To help you out, here's a guide to proficiently cleaning your electric scooter.

What you need

· About three pieces of microfiber cloth

· Cleaning solution and less abrasive detergents

· Soft-bristle brushes

· Gel wheel cleaner

Steps for Cleaning Your Electric Scooter

Before cleaning your electric scooter, here are the pre-cleaning essentials you need to consider:

Check Your Manufacturer's Manual

Numerous people would skip reading their manuals and forge ahead with the cleaning. Of course, that's okay if it's not your first time cleaning your scooter. Reading the original manual from your electric scooter supplier manufacturer will equip you better to clean your electric scooter safely and more efficiently. Remember that scooter brands vary; some need more guided and careful cleaning approaches. Undoubtedly, the least you'd want is spoiling the electrical components and rendering your e-scooter inoperational.

Understand Your Electric Scooter's Ingress Protection (IP) Rating

You might also want to know your scooter's waterproof capacity and the materials used. That helps shape your decisions for the best detergent and water amount to use when cleaning your electric scooter. IP rating classifies the extent of an enclosure's protection, such as the paints and color coating on your electric scooter.

Switch Off Your Scooter and Let the Battery and Motor Cool Down

Before cleaning, ensure that your electric scooter is powered off and no parts are running. That's ideal for your safety and should always be a no-brainer. Removing the battery or ensuring the motor cools down makes it much safer. But you can clean your e-scooter if removing the battery feels like a little too much work.

Cleaning Your Electric Scooter: Step by Step Guide

Here's how to proficiently clean your electric scooter

Clean the Front and Rear Tires

Before cleaning, please use a soft-bristle brush to dislodge any excess dirt. Just remove the dirt that easily comes off and leave the stuck mud for your detergent and microfiber cloth. Afterward, you can use gel wheel cleaner to dampen your microfiber cloth and tidy up both wheels for an extra shine.

Wipe the Front and Back Rims

The wheel rims usually get grimed even if you hardly ride your scooter on dusty paths. So it's ideal you dust them up using a bit of detergent. Just be sure to reach the narrow fissures and opening, and if possible, please get a toothpick to reach inside for dirt and grime.

Apply Some WD40 to Prevent Rust

Your electric scooter's wheel rims can get rusty, and dirt escalates that. Hence, applying some WD40 lubricants and ensuring they reach every hidden part will do some justice. Most WD40 lubricants come in spray cans, so it's pretty easy penetrating narrow spaces.

Use a Soft Bristle Brush to tidy up the Deck Carefully

The deck also needs some love, and cleaning it gives it the glitter. So, grab another clean microfiber cloth, dampen it with a bit of detergent, and clean. You may also use a soft-bristle brush if the dirt is in excess, but be sure not to use too much effort or apply force to prevent nicking off paint.

Clean the Body and the Handgrips

Use a new cloth to clean up the scooter's body, including the stem, while ensuring you reach the folding down to the fork. Then, clean the handgrip using a soft bristle brush. You can wet it a bit, so it doesn't feel incredibly abrasive or scratch the surface. However, please use a damp cloth to avoid wetting the LCD and electrical components in areas with electronic parts.

Clean the Bottom of Your Scooter

Your electric scooter's bottom may not be conspicuous, but cleaning it won't bite. Besides, it's more prone to getting dirty than other parts, so why shouldn't you do a few cleaning touches? You may clean it the same way you clean the top of your deck in step 4, and please don't hose it down no matter how tempting that is.

How to Store an Electric Scooter

The primary reason for correctly storing your scooter is to keep it in perfect shape for the time you won't use it. Perhaps, winter is creeping, or you're taking that month-or-so long trip, and you won't touch your electric friend again. But also, you must be keen to prevent imminent theft; so how and where you store your electric scooter matters. If you're wondering how to but can't figure out the best way to keep your machine, here are the best ways to store your electric scooter.

Keep Your Battery in Perfect Shape

Your battery comes first and should be your priority when sidelining your electric scooter for a while. The good thing is that batteries don't bother or demand much if you store them correctly. Here's for the spoilers: avoid storing your battery when it's empty on charge. If possible, keep it at around 30 to 50 percent or full charge. Empty batteries tend to harden the plates over time, forcing you to dispose of them. If possible, clean up the terminals and place them in a bag to prevent dirt from coming in contact with your battery.

Clean the Electric Scooter Before Storing It

While cleaning your electric scooter as you continually use it is good, always tidy it up before storage. Dirt and grime impact your E-scooter's structural integrity, causing rusts and weakened frames. Especially so, keep the wheel rims clean and check inside the crevices, ensuring that they're free of dirt. It might be tempting to hose it down, but that will do more damage than good since water can spoil the electrical components. Therefore, use sprays, brushes, and damp clothes to clean wick away dirt and avoid excessive force when cleaning it.

Pack It in a Bag

If you're storing your e-scooter in the basement or other potentially dusty places, it's prudent that enclose it in a bag. Most manufacturers sell e-scooters in storage racks, which should facilitate things. However, if you can find a fitting spare bag, please go ahead and stash it in. If feasible, please build an electric scooter box to put your entire pack in. that'll lock away potential moisture or dust from settling on your electric scooter. Remember to turn it off before sending it to storage. You could also lock it down using a more secure padlock to make it thief-proof.

Find Ideal Places to Store It

While you can store your electric scooter anywhere that promises safety, you must check if the conditions are right. An excellent storage ambiance is critical for your e-Scooter to avoid contaminating moisture and dirt. So, for what's worth, please avoid storing your scooter in the following places:

Icy Places – cold temperatures cause lasting damage to your electric scooter, and the spoilage is usually permanent. Besides, hot temperatures aren't favorable, especially if they soar above 1000F. The battery is usually the most affected. Even so, it weakens your electric scooter's structure.

A Moisture-Laden Basement – basements with moisture are your E-scooter's worst enemy and cause profound damage, almost irreversible. Water and metal are compatible and induce rusting, weakening your E-scooters frame and the entire structure.

Flood-Prone Areas – ensure that your E-scooters storage area lies on high ground to prevent flooding. Water is damaging to virtually every electronic that's not adequately waterproof. And flooding predisposes your electric scooter quite badly, damaging it entirely.

That said, which areas are best to store your electric scooter?

Moisture-laden areas are a no-no, so please choose mostly dry areas with an ambient temperature between 410F and 860F. If possible, avoid temperatures above 1000F or low below 370F. Your home can be ideal since the temperature is primarily standard, so find a safe corner somewhere and stash it. Above all, an area that guarantees maximum safety is perfect for preventing theft.

How to Maintain an Electric Scooter?

Maintaining your electric scooter is your best bet to keep it in perfect shape and improve its durability, and there are no absolute bargains. The good thing is that they don't have numerous components like other electrical devices, so maintaining them should be quite a breeze. Proper and regular e-scooter maintenance has profound benefits, mainly enhancing your machine's probability of serving you for as long as it can hold.

Why is it Important to do Regular Electric Scooter Maintenance?

Properly maintaining your electric scooter accrues you numerous benefits, including:

Improved Operational Efficiency

Everyone wants a fully functional electric scooter, and there are no bargains. The brakes must be responsive, and the electrical system works optimally without unnecessary glitches. Besides, the tires need to be in the proper PSI and be well-treaded to guarantee a proper grip, preventing potential sliding. Also, the battery must operate at total capacity, so it shouldn't be dirty. Above all, ensuring your scooter stays clean and groomed reduces the chances of rust and a weakened structure. Maintaining your electric scooter keeps it in proper shape, ensuring efficient coordination between parts.

Reduced Probability of Defects

Defects are common in poorly maintained electric scooters, and rightly so. They're usually underlying, sometimes not showing up instantly. Or, they can build up and cause permanent damage before you know it. Perhaps, regular inspections can unearth potential defects, but maintaining your scooter eliminates them.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Less defective scooters don't force you to spend too much on maintenance; therefore, that's ideal for keeping your costs low. Your warranty is only valid for a short period, and every electric scooter manufacturer would hardly allow for repairs and replacements if the fault lies on your part. That leaves your hands tied, entirely out of options if you can't service it. But, there's usually a fix; maintaining your scooter alleviates potential costs to correct defects or repair broken parts. Besides, it gives you much-needed peace of mind, and you can use your E-scooter stress-free.

Enhanced Durability

An adequately maintained scooter has proper structural integrity, fostering durability. If you service your batteries adequately, they'll promise to serve you for as long as they haven't exhausted their charge and discharge cycles. Also, the body and deck would stay in their ideal shapes if they weren't consistently grimed and dirty, inviting rusts or potential breakages. But that's not all; you want your brakes to be more efficient and responsive but still last long. Also, the electrical system needs to be sustainable enough and keep you on the road for as long as possible. Maintaining your electric scooter has more cross-cutting benefits, essentially making it durable.

Tips for Maintaining Electric Scooter

Maintaining a scooter isn't challenging, but it's a five-finger exercise if you take it bit by bit. Remember, there's usually no suitable formula to give your electric scooter the care it deserves, save for the little precautions to prevent deliberate damage. As long as you don't use lots of water to clean it up and you're riding your e-scooter more carefully, you only have les to worry about. Here are the best ways to care for your electric scooter:

Caring for the Battery

As mentioned above, your E-scooters battery is the essential component that needs your unwavering attention. So, it helps to give it the utmost care since it's the most expensive e-scooter component, after all. Therefore, please keep it clean and dust-free. Besides, ensure that the charge capacities remain in the suitable ranges, making sure never to discharge or charge it fully. If possible, always unplug your charger to prolong the battery life when it hits complete charge. Also, you want to ensure that your battery doesn't overheat or freeze completely. If the latter occurs, please heat it to room temperature before charging it to prevent imminent damage.

Servicing the Brakes

The brakes are essential for your safety, or you'll be prone to constant collisions, sometimes proving fatal. Especially so, racing at high speeds needs an assurance of adequately functioning and incredibly responsive brakes. Therefore, regularly inspect your e-scooter to check for slips or inefficient grips. And if they occur, you should consider replacing the worn-out pads with new ones. Remember, your safety comes fast since electric scooters can clock high speeds, requiring a more proficient braking system for instant stops. That wouldn't only keep you safe but also protect other road users.

Lubricating Moving Parts

While your e-scooter won't feature numerous moving parts, the few that exist need some proper looking into. The areas around the scooters' forks and rims experience tremendous rubbing, leading to wear and tear. And if so, lubricating them usually comes in handy. WD40 lubricants are ideal, but those containing PTFE are traditionally the best. Besides reducing friction and easing movement, they also insulate the metallic rims from air and moisture, preventing potential rusting. Also, the folding mechanism needs proper lubrication to avoid friction and avert possible damage.

Regularly Inspecting the Tires

You must ensure the tires have more gripping treads for worry-free scooter riding. Remember, friction wears off the tires in the long haul and if you want proper surface grip between your scooter tires and the ground, retreading is a must. However, retreading can be ineffective and sometimes cost as much as getting new tires. Besides, finding garages and shops that offer retreading services can be an uphill task. Therefore, getting new tires to replace the old ones should be your ultimate choice.

Cleaning Your Scooter Altogether

Cleaning your E-scooter helps give it a burst of life and will likely serve you better. Besides, a clean scooter makes you appear more organized and considerate of your electric friend. Spruced-up scooters are usually dirt-free and won't be prone to rust or clogged rim hinges to increase the friction. Above all, always ensure that you clean your scooter properly to prevent fading and reduce paint and color quality. So, please invest in proper detergents and cleaning items, and approach the cleaning gently.

Listen to Your Electric Scooter

One best way to determine faults and diagnose defects is by listening to how your e-scooter responds. Therefore, please stay all ears for odd sounds when riding it or deteriorated efficiency. Let them be your tell-tale signs that your scooter is operating optimally or a few glitches need your attention to prevent further damage. That way, having a properly functional e-scooter, all healthy and good, won't be much of a challenge.


Electric scooters need proper care if you want them to serve you over a long period. That means regular inspections and maintaining them according to your manufacturer's standards. Therefore, please clean and service it regularly, and be open to any imminent adjustments that prolong your E-scooters life. Hopefully, this article will help you achieve that pretty effortlessly.

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