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How to find a Relable Electric Surfboard Manufacturer for Your Project?

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Are you struggling with finding an electric surfboard manufacturer for your business? If you've never done this before or have been paid dearly for working with the wrong partner, this article is for you.

The tradional method is going to Surfing Trade Show, Expos and Fairs Each industry has a handful of trade shows, expos and fairs that gathers individuals, groups and even professionals in some common interest.  

If you search "electric surfboard expos", you're gonna get plenty of related results. You can go to one expo near you to feel it in person. Usually, the latest electric surfboards will be displayed there, and catalogs and brochures are freely available. Through these off-line activities, what you see is not only the electric surfboard you are looking for but also the people that you might work with later on. You can carefully observe the way they get along with their own member, and the way they deal with their potential customer attending the activity,  their confidence in their products, ect. All these details will depict a more specific profile of those manufacturers or suppliers for you. Going to the electric surfboard trade shows, expos and fairs is always the first choice for many people to find their suppliers. However, in the context of COVID-19, many offline activities are canceled or put off indefinitely.

So, at the same time, searching online becomes a most commonly adopted method as another way to find an electric surfboard manufacturer & supplier. Just enter "electric surfboard manufacturer" in the google search bar. Ummm, I think most of you will add some extra information like power or areas like "12 kw electric surfboard manufacturer", "e surfboard supplier near me", or "electric surfboard manufacturer in china". Ok let's pick one and see the results.

As the snapshot shows, when we search "electric surfboard manufacturer in china",  the first 5 results are from renowned online platforms: made-in-china, globalsources, and Alibaba.

how to find electric surfboard manufacturer

Let me give you a brief introduction of these platforms.


Boast of 3,800+ categories of products, 6,000,000+ registered supplier members,14,000,000+ registered Buyer members, Made in China is a renowned comprehensive service platform that connects Chinese suppliers with overseas buyers. Just visit its website and enter the keyword "electric surfboard" in the search box and then start your searching. You'd better choose an audited supplier auditied supplier for the sake of reliability. And if you wanna know its comprehensive abilities, kust view its Audit Report. To contact suppliers, you can click "Contact Now" to send them the mail, chat online by clicking "Chat with Supplier"  button on the products list page or leave them a message by clicking "Leave a message".


Alibaba has been doing its global wholesale service since 1999. "Wholesale" means that its a place where people find already existing products, however, you can ask those store owners whether they can fulfill your custom request. Alibaba claims that its buyers are located in 190+ countries and regions, and exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform each day.  Make sure that the electric surfboard supplier you find is assessed as it means Alibaba themselves and someone from a third party has been to their factory. Besides, you have to see the trade assurance of the supplier. This is a charge-free service that enables you ti dispute a purchase if the electric surfboard quality isn't there.

Global Sources

Global Sources pioneered the world's first international B2B e-commerce website, in 1995 and today has over 10 million registered international buyers. The company connects verified suppliers and authentic buyers worldwide with tailored solutions and trusted market intelligence through trade shows, digital platforms, and magazines. No matter which platform you choose, you must carefully verify whether the supplier is good enough.

The rest 5 results among the first 10 results are from some ecommerce websites owned by manufacturers & suppliers. From the title and description, you may narrow down your choices, but I don't think the superficial information help much. I still suggest that you visit all these sites on the first page and choose to view some on the second page. You have to pick out at least 3-5 manufacturers or suppliers for contrast. For example, one might be your local supplier and the other is an overseas electric surfboard factory. The local one should always quickly replenish your stock without any delay, while the overseas one is expected to provide you with a good price. It is a wise decision to work with both the local one and the overseas one at the same time to prevent something uncertain.

Apart from the location, you're gonna check the certificates of the electric surfboard manufacturer & supplier. A qualified manufacturer or supplier always displays their certificates on its website or makes qualification-related information conspicuous. Usually, in the electric surfboard industry, the CE, RoHS and UL are often necessary.And there're other certifications in different countries and regions, so you have to make it clear for yourself.

The comprehensive ability of your manufacturer is also what you should get to know, including the R&D ability, production capacity, and partners. If the potential manufacturer does good in the first two, it is always capable of realizing your product's ideas. The partners the manufacturer works with will give you a hint of the quality of the products and services. For example, Youmota, a china electric surfboard manufacturer, offers its products to some world-recognized brands like Lamborghini, SHARP, Jetson, Auchan, etc. which reflects that Youmota's products are reliable in quality and excellent in services.

Youmota's partners

This article has not finished yet, we'll refresh and replenish related information ffrom time to time. If you have any other problems with the electric surfboard, just contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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