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Safety Instructions For Electric Snow Scooter

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Please read the following instructions carefully before using

snow electric scooter

• The company shall not accept liabilities resulting from product misuse or from non-compliance with traffic regulations or the instructions provided in this manual.

• This electric snow scooter is not a toy. Use it responsibly, with care and respect for others.

• Check local current regulations on the use of these products before riding it, and comply with

local traffic regulations. Ride responsibly and pay attention to people and obstacles to avoid


• Always use the recommended clothing: non-slip gloves, knee and elbow pads and wear

a helmet.

• When holding the handlebars at the correct height, the person riding this scooter must be

able to place both feet on the ground easily.

• When stopping or parking your vehicle, be sure to do so on a flat and safe surface

• The maximum load capacity for the scooter is 120 kg.

• This scooter may not be used by more than one person at a time.

• Misuse of the scooter or non-compliance with the instructions provided in this manual may

cause serious injury.

• Should technical problems occur, contact the Technical Support Service at your dealer.

• Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the scooter yourself.

• Do not leave the battery near fire or heat sources.

• Avoid using used, defective and/or non-original batteries.

• Do not sit on the scooter both while riding it or when it is parked.

• If the user who is going to use the scooter is not familiar with this type of vehicle, they should be instructed on the basics of driving by an adult before using it for the first time.

Training should cover the following topics:

1. Acceleration

2. Deceleration

3. Braking

4. Basic riding principles

5. Parts Replacement

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